One hour.

That’s always the challenge.

From the moment I decide it’s time for another picture, got exactly one hour to dress, to pose, to shoot, to export to Photoshop, to play around (btw, I simply, purely, totally love Photoshop; each time I lunch the software, I keep thinking of my university years, alone in the dark room with the x-toxic chemicals, all the process to develop by myself my rolls, all the time I could spend to achieve one good print, and now I sit with a cup of Fukamushi, I think of what I want and click, it’s really done, only old fashion photographers can understand that stupefaction, so close from ecstasy…) So, one hour later got to press the publish button. Why that fast? Hmmm. I consider it like my aerobic exercise, before I go to work.

skin: LeLutka

hair: booN (modify)

top: T.A.R.T

pants: Mimikri

boots: Maitreya (group gift)

glases: Kgs

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