Modavia Couture with Kyrie Source

Dear SL fashionistas, I am pleased to announce a new partnership. From now on I will manage Modavia Couture with Kyrie Source, a new blog.

Modavia and I will be joining forces to bring you the best of SL Couture right into the feeds.

My mission remains the same, as I’m always delighted to discover new designers and to create looks with the work of the most talented and established SL creators.  This marries well with what Modavia stands for and I’m very excited to have been invited on board with this powerhouse of SL fashion.

So please follow my fashion and style blog to Modavia Couture with Kyrie Source.  You can also find it syndicated through the Modavia Fashion Marketing blog.

p.s: The Kyrie Source’s blog will remain open to display privately commissioned work that I will complete for magazines and fashion clients.



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