#400! :D

Weeeheee! 400 posts! I think I can now say I’m somehow a blogger…Sooooo… what does it means, really, 400 posts?

  1. It’s a 200K inventory (I did managed to lower that number under 80K, but it’s a looot of work)
  2. It’s over 150 designers contributing to my blog (many of you I adore…and you know it!)
  3. It’s almost 3 years of opening boxes and bags on a daily basis (that’s the hardest task of all when you have long and fragile nails like me!)
  4. It’s over 2000 hours of playing with that huge inventory, and trying poses, and sending hearts & kisses & thanks to wonderful designers, posers, photographers & bloggers
  5. Its pure love, since day 1, for that everlasting journey of fashion…

May the Style be with you <3

Thanks to Monica Outlander, my fab little sis, who sent me this special preview of her upcoming Blacklabel collection.


6 thoughts on “#400! :D

  1. Congrats!!! I cant wait to read the next 400! And OOOoooOOoo I can’t wait to play with your little sisters new line. Awesome creations she makes, I usually buy it all! =X

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