5 thoughts on “#152

  1. Hi Kyrie,
    I just can’t get over your sense of style!
    I am amazed at your ability to wear risky designs so beautifully. So many of the things that you wear could easily be on the wrong side of the taste line, but you style them so well that they almost always become graceful, sexy and strong.
    The result is a picture of the liberated and self-possessed modern woman.
    I love your updates and am always intrigued by your choices!

    1. Ty Cari!!
      I think my approach is a vibration one, got to reach a certain state of energy (does that make any sense in English?) I play with clothing with a pictorial idea, lines, forms, balance of colors, I could do abstract painting with the same quest. It’s a strange experience to create simultaneously a virtual projection of myself, to search for a style, and to picture it, all in the same movement. I love that quest. Don’t hesitate to contact me in-world, Cari. :))

      1. Hi Kyrie,
        Believe it or not, I completely understand what you mean.
        Aesthetics don’t come from the rational part of the mind – they are emotional and simultaneous and they can’t be understood logically. First you feel and then you understand. No wonder you do such amazing things!
        I will definitely contact you in world. Looking forward to meeting you!
        Super excited!
        Cari E.

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